Expedition to Atmora Wiki


The Worldspace of Atmora is referred to in several books in Skyrim and older Elderscrolls games.

Also, there are a few maps drawn by fans. This Page is to provide the official and most canon fan lore as a condensed form for usage for the modding project "Expedition to Atmora".


=== Official Lore Locations: ===

  • Jylkurfyk, the southern harbour city, where some of the ships of the 500 were made. 
  • The Marshes east of Jylkurfyk, where Ysgramor took feathers from the goose Faldrosta. 
  • Frostwood of Forelgrim, where Ysgramor met Shor and Herma Mora while hunting the White Stag. 
  • The Eastern Edge of Atmora, where the sinewy long folk dwell. 
  • Evensnow 
  • Aelfendor, the land of Night,  

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